2020 NTI / NTARC Transport Major Crash Report- 33% of Fires- Wheel End / Tyre

Published Thursday 12 May, 2022 by Peter Woodford

NTI (National Transport Insurance) / NTARC (NSRPP) National Transport Accident Research Centre released their 2020 Major Accident Report. The report finds (pages 14-17) that since 2011 >33% of Truck Fire Losses are caused by "Tyre / Well End Failure or Fault".

So considering these findings, it begs to question why proven mitigation technology such as TMSystems are not more widely utilised within the On- Road Transport Industry?.

From the report:"Wheel bearings, brake chambers, fuel lines, starter power cables; get any of these wrong and your ‘$200,000 prime mover’ might become ‘$3,000 of scrap metal’.

ome significant findings of the Report:

  • Mechanical failure has been consistently the primary causal factor in around 1 in every 20 large (NTI) losses.
  • Steer tyre failure incidents contributed to 55% of Mechanical Failures and resulted in vehicles having high speed crashes with little to no opportunity for the driver to respond before striking barriers or leaving the roadway.
  • Inadequate tyre inflation is identified anecdotally as a leading cause of tyre failure.
  • More than 33% causes for Truck Fires are a result of "Tyre  / Well End Failure or Fault".
  • Wheel end fires by sub-clause contributors were: 
    • Brake 30%
    • Tyre 30%
    • Bearings 15%
    • Unknown 25%? 
  • Examining the causes of fires starting with wheel end, the predominant initial trigger is either wheel bearing or tyre failure.
  • This was closely followed by wheel end fires initiated by the braking system.

LSM TyreGuard® TMSystems are proven fit- for- purpose mitigation technology that provide:

  • All Tyres: Constantly monitor tyre Inflation Pressures for Low and High Pressures.
  • Steer Tyre: the "Fast Leak Alert" is a feature that provides the Driver an immediate alert should the tyre loose >20kpa within 12 seconds to singal a rapid release / eg (pending zipper failure / blow out)
  • Tyre Temperature / Fires: Should the Wheel temperature exceed >80 DegC the RF Sensor will provide the Driver with a High Temperature "HOT" alert.
  • Alerts: All visual and audible alerts are provided to the Driver via an In- Cabin Display / Monitor.

Another LSM Life- Saving- Mitigation control, enhancing Workplace OH&S + Equipment Damage Control + Productivity.

2020- NTI- NTARC-Truck Accident-Report page 15/16
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