How LSM Tyreguard® TMSystems assist in attaining High-Yield Harvests

Published Friday 20 May, 2022 by Peter Woodford

As any modern Farmer knows,  success in Agriculture (and Forestry) today is about precision farming / growing. Farmers need to analyse every factor, from ground conditions, fertiliser, weather patterns,  fuel costs, water, machine servicing data, etc, etc. 

Tyre Pressures also play a key role in this analysis, and this is where our LSM TyreGuard® AG360 Tyre Monitoring System technology has been specifically designed for Agricultural  (low tyre pressures) equipment to assist growers by contributing to maximum Crop Yields.

Agriculturalists have long studied the impact tyre inflation has on crop yieldsOver-inflated tyres cause soil compaction, which limits the nutrients and water that roots can absorb. It also hinders essential microbial life development and encourages water stagnation.

But the consequences go beyond biology.

Over-inflated tyres also create higher resistance, forcing growers to spend more labour and fuel in every season. Further, farmers will see uneven tread wear, shortening the lives of their tyres.

Growers who err on the side of under-inflation will similarly see decreased tyre life.

Fortunately, maintaining proper tyre inflation can oppose these effects in every way. Properly inflated tyres reduce soil compaction, improve traction and increase fuel economy.

Proper inflation also lengthens tyre life and increases workers comfort as they operate machinery- and, of course, they increase crop yields every time.

Correct tyre pressures are also critical for Travelling Irrigators and especially for Lateral - moves and Centre-Pivots to provide smooth operation, alignment and avoid over - loading of drive motors.

LSM TyreGuard® AG360 can map the entire Lateral / Centre Pivot span tyres and report via LSM FSM® Fleet Safety Tracking Manager online telematics to immediately alert the grower (via any mobile devices or PC) should there be an issue with any tyre.  

To get the biggest yield possible, growers need to check their tyre pressure often. But doing so can be time-consuming, compromising efficiency while in the field.

That’s why we created our LSM TyreGuard® AG360 TMSystem to continuously monitor air pressure with valve-stem-mounted tyre pressure sensors. At any time, operators can see the current tyre pressure for each tyre at the press of a button, and they only need to check / target those tyre that need re-pressurisation- saving labour / time.

LSM TyreGuard® AG360 RF Tyre Sensors are specifically designed and made for low pressures on Agricultural and Forestry equipment. In addition, 2 x options are provided for the Tyre Sensors - Standard Bore Sensor and our world's first large bore Sensor that is Conditioner Fluid and Water Ballast compatible.  

The LSM TyreGuard® In-Cab LCD Display provides the Operator / Driver with live Tyre Pressure and Temperature information and the audio + visual alarms so as they may make immediate corrective action.

LSM Technologies provides a complete array of its TyreGuard® TMSystems that will suit  all of a Growers vehicles from the Light Vehicles, Tractors, Harvesters, Rigid Trucks, Semitrailers- anything with a pneumatic tyre

Maintenance tools such as our LSM TyreGuard® "walk - around" SmartLink Tablet are also available to assist with checking of vehicle tyres and programming RF Tyre Sensors when required..

With LSM Technologies FSM® Fleet Safety Tracking Manager, a live online data portal means we can see information about every single tyre, at any given time, all from the one location remotely.

Another LSM Life- Saving- Mitigation control, enhancing Workplace OH&S + Equipment Damage Control + Productivity.

LSM TyreGuard AG360 TMSystem
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